Solutions for resellers


The display of products is the showcase with which we present ourselves to the customers and can make the difference between finalizing or losing a sale. For this reason at BOLDRINI, we have always dedicated a lot of resources to the research and development of new media and communication tools, useful to increase the turnover of the products and also to rationalize products range and stocks.

Our display system is in line with the new strategies of sale, and is meant to satisfy the multiple and different needs of the shops.

The key concepts of the new display system are:

  • Modularity: our layouts can be customized according to the space available.
  • Profitability: highly rotation assortments, adequate to the real needs of the Customers.
  • Exhibition efficiency: organization and optimization of the sales space according to product criteria and field of use.

Our designers are available to create specific layouts with virtual rendering of each exhibition space.